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Twinkle the Tooth Fairy

Welcome, I’m so glad you stopped by! Being the tooth fairy is a very important job. I stay busy visiting children who recently lost their teeth and trying to help children understand how to care for their teeth.

One of my favorite things to do is to go with Dr. Nancy to schools, libraries and events to educate children on caring for their teeth. In our hour long presentation we are able to touch on several important topics including:

  • Good Foods and Bad Foods
  • How “Cavity Bugs” Start
  • Correct Brushing Technique
  • What Happens at the Dentist Office

Each child leaves with a special gift and a picture with me, Twinkle. We would be happy to come to your location and are also available for presentations at our Laurel Heights office.

CLICK HERE To Schedule Twinkle for a Presentation

I often get questions about what it is like to be a tooth fairy. Here are just a few of the more frequent ones:

Where do you live?
I’m so busy! I am not in one place for very long but I do spend a lot of time at Dr. Nancy’s office because there are a lot of teeth to take care of there. When I am not there I go to my home in tooth fairy land way up in the sky.

What do you do with all the teeth?
I carefully inspect the teeth and if they are healthy I sometimes give them back to parents. Otherwise, I put them in my tooth fairy safe place at my home.

How do you fly?
My special tooth fairy wings carry me where I need to go. I fly mostly at night when children are asleep and let my wings rest during the day.

I love getting mail! If you have any unanswered questions for me about being a tooth fairy or would just like to send me a note, please feel free.

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