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Tips for brushing: How to make it fun…

1. The rule in the house is your child gets to brush while you count to twenty slowly (or sing a song) and then an adult brushes for him while he counts to twenty slowly ( or sings the same song) .. preferably singing since music tends to soothe kids.

2. Try this tune:

Brush brush brush your teeth gently and thoroughly.
Merrily merrily merrily merrily brushing sugarbugs down
stream. (this is to the row row row your boat tune and done about 3
times.) to signify that brushing is complete. They will begin to
associate the song with brushing.

3. Have your child lie down. The best time to do this is if bath time is at night time then it is done right after bath time. As your
child gets older they will begin to lie down for you when it is time to brush their teeth. This happens around 2.5-3yo. You can also stand behind them and gently have him raise his chin up to you so you can brush that way.

4. At this age, consistency is key so come up with a plan and stick to it. I recommend a song for morning routine and evening routine.

We wake up in the morning and brush our teeth, brush our hair, wash our face.
We wake up in the morning and brush our teeth, brush our hair, and wash our face.
Then we go eat some breakfast to make our bodies strong.
And we change our clothes to get ready for the wonderful day.

5. Have several different themed tooth brushes that your child can choose from for that brushing. This allows them to feel in control and practice their independence.

6. Let them know that you are looking for sugar bugs in their mouth so they open wide for you and then when you have to brush their teeth let them know you are brushing the bugs out and then have them spit in the sink. Say things like "Oh! I see some sugar bugs"...with emotion.

Your child may continue to whine at times but as they get older, they will come around. I hope this info helps. Please let me know what you find works and give it about 2 weeks time. Keep in mind an adult will be brushing your child’s teeth until at least 8 years old and supervised brushing after that.





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